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    Welcome to the Order of the Knights of SCARS. The continuing education of the official SCARS training system. Founded January of 2004 the Knights of SCARS will begin the start of the 6th year for 2010.



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    The Training!!!

    Let the experts that have experienced real life threatening situations show you how to survive in minutes...not with years of practice!!!



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    The Experience!!!

    This is the experience of a life time! For three days the training is so powerful it will permanently change your life to the better! That's why men like you have been coming for 7 years without missing a single time...



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07. 18. 15 | Events

During the 3rd event for 2015 we held a specialized hand gun shooting course, dealing with advanced group movements and counter-ambush tactics!

01. 01. 16 | 2016 What's in store for you?

The Knights of SCARS will begin it's 12th year in January 2016 and we have an intense year in store! One of the benefits of being a Knight is specialized training. We have committed to tactical training events at least once every year! This means real, force on force training, it's aggressive nature is found nowhere else on the planet!

What we do

We provide our clients with the highest standard of self protection training in the world and much more! SCARS training was originally developed to quickly teach men how to solve life and death situations in real combat.

Based on the combined sciences of psychology, physiology, physical movement and geometry of the human body SCARS is a system of science that covers every aspect of human conflict. SCARS is a complete system that forces you to realize there is a true science that goes far beyond what is currently offered anywhere else in the world.

The Knights of SCARS is an order where we can maximize your true potential of physical and mental performance under the most stressful situations. It's a proven fact that the Knights of SCARS training helps you to excel in all aspects of your personal life!



Client Says

Testimonial From Mr. DeMatteo

"As usual the lessons (not just techniques...) and messages received at this camp were perfectly timed for what I needed in my own life!"

- Wade, Utah US